Daikin Air Conditioners

Wall Mounted Type, R-32, JTKP-E Series (Cooling Only)

Split / Wall Mounted Type, R-32, JTKP-E Series (Cooling Only)

Daikin Air Conditioners




Places that are close to water bodies like lake, coast, river etc, sewage and industrial areas that discharge fumes can corrode the air-conditioner. Daikin Anti-Corrosion series is protected from the harmful effects of such fumes. Now, no need to replace your air-conditioner frequently as you can enjoy Daikin's anti-corrosion series without worry of corrosion. Available in inverter series and 3-star rated categories Daikin's anti-corrosion series is built to last.


  • Coanda Airflow
  • Excellent air distribution
  • Indoor Unit quiet operation
  • Power Chill Operation